What is 10 minutes email, and why do people use it?

What is 10 minutes email, and why do people use it?

What is 10 minutes email, and why do people use it?

You may have heard about 10 minutes email and a lot of information surrounding it. However, here are some answers to the most common questions people have regarding 10 minutes mail. So, learn about the most blooming topic of the year, that is, 10 minutes email, and find out why you should use it too.

What is a 10-minute mail?

Are you overwhelmed by selecting irrelevant emails from your inbox and deleting them for spamming your email? Moreover, the promotional and social emails create additional junk people. They spam you consistently every day, and there is no way out to unsubscribe them.

Imagine someone spamming you with emails every day, and these emails disappear within ten minutes. Sounds unreal. However, you will be surprised to know that 10 minutes mail is a secured temporary email service that allows you to have a private email service. Both the email and address will be removed within the next ten minutes, and therefore, you need not worry about the spam and junk, which take up a lot of your mail space.

"10 minutes mail is a secured temporary email service that allows you to have a private email service."

But, wait….how will signing up with 10 minutes email benefit you? No technology is created without any good reasons. Take a look at the three fundamental reasons why you too should sign up with 10 minutes email:

1. For the websites that need an email address

When surfing the internet for some informational content, most users encounter websites that seek their email addresses. Without providing the email address, the user is not allowed to perceive the content. For instance, say a student wants to find an answer to a problematic physics question. The students type the question and find an educational site that solves the answer. However, when the student tries to play the video, the sign-in through your email for the full answer pops up.
This scenario is most familiar with websites that give you information not commonly found on the internet. However, you may be hesitant to provide your email because you do not trust that website entirely. Therefore, the best solution here is to create an email using 10 minutes email and register to all the sites to view their piece of content.

2. Save yourself from the spams

Apart from registration, many websites ask your website to keep sending you notifications regarding deals and offers. However, you may be well aware that these websites or brands keep spamming you for years, and you waste time deleting their mails that take up much of your memory.
For instance, if you download a clothing brand that offers home delivery, your messages will be spammed with frequent emails regarding sales, discounts, new arrivals, season sales, and much more. But, what if you want to make a one-time sale with that brand? In that case, offering your 10 minutes email is the safest option because you can process your purchase and at the same time not worry about the mails irritating you every day.

3. Let's you keep your identity secure

The regular emails that most users use need them to insert their correct information. And if this email is used for more than work-related use, your profile picture, name, and work details can get shared with people you don't even know exist. Moreover, irrespective of how users keep their identities secret, their email addresses are mostly linked to most interacting platforms. Therefore, it becomes easy to spam people with unnecessary emails.
However, if you want to keep your identity anonymous from unknown individuals or brands and collaborations you don't trust, sign-up with 10 minutes mails and do not worry about these collaborations.
Furthermore, many websites deal with third-party companies which seek thousands of sites to spam them with emails. These companies often collaborate with breaths that sell the email address of their clients to them, a strategy prevalent in the market.

Why do people use 10 minutes email?

  • When people have to fill an online form or register for a webinar or conference using an email, instead of providing their personal or official email, 10 minutes email can be used.
  • Offers privacy and security because nobody else can see the name and the address apart from the user.
  • It is easy to use as the email address can be directly copied and then pasted wherever applicable without having to sign in and verify constantly.

What are the steps to sign-up with 10 minutes email?

To sign-up with the instant email address, follow the below seven easy steps and get your temporary email address ready:

  • Step one: on one tab, click on the website or the online registration form where you have to provide your email address. Then, on the other tab, go to 10 minutes email.
  • Step two: you will see an email address personalized for you. Nobody else can see this email by address.
  • Step three: copy the email address from the tab to copy it to your clipboard. Here, kindly ensure that you do not exist in this tab.
  • Step four: paste the address on the website or on the online registration form that needs your email address.
  • Step five: if you need a verification message or an OTP sent to this email address to confirm your registration, you will find this mail under the messages section. It may take a couple of times, but it surely will.
  • Step six: once you see your email, you can click on it, open the various links sent
  • Step seven: if this email contains important information, then you can even forward the mail to your office email address because this mail will deliver in the next 10 minutes.

Is 10 Minutes mail safe and secure to use?

10 minutes mail, a temporary email service, is built with high-tech security and privacy, unlike many temporary email services that fool their customers by licking their sensitive information to third parties and unknown companies. The email address you get is unique, and it is assured that no other user will get the same email address. at the same time, you will be able to see the inbox solely, and your email will never be disclosed to anyone because of its lifespan is only for 10 minutes.
As soon as your ten minutes are up, the email address gets expires, and all the emails get deleted.

The bottom line!

Say your ten minutes are up, and you still need more time, then you can ask for ten more minutes, and the reset countdown will begin again. 10 minutes email is the best for short term usage, especially for the sites you aren't confident about or for sites that you don't trust. However, one piece of advice is to never use this email for your official work or work related to the bank because you may block yourself from essential conversations. Moreover, remember that this 10 minutes email can never be recovered again once deleted.

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